New Pallets

New pallets are manufactured using 100% new lumber, we partner with several lumber mills to ensure the highest level of quality. Pallets are assembled with a mix of hardwood and softwood wood. Heat Treat is available for pallets requiring ISPM 15 compliant exportation.

Recycled Pallets

Recycled pallets are an environmentally frendly and cost effective solution. S&K Pallets offers three types of recycled pallets to fit your business needs. Almost as durable as a new pallet, they are available for a fraction of the cost. Our team fully inspects and repairs every pallet to ensure strength and quality before they are resold.

Custom Design

If you have specific requirements that can’t be met by a standard-sized pallet, S&K Pallets can build a custom pallet to fit your needs. Our sales professionals work closely with you to design a pallet that meets your material handling objectives.

Heat Treat

S&K Pallets is an ISMP-15 certified heat treating facility. We offer kiln/heat treating services on-site for all pallets that need to be shipped internationally. Our facility is audited monthly by a third party to ensure we adhere to all the required standards and procedures.

We recycle pallets to help sustain earth’s environmental health




yards of landfill waste

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