S&K Pallets has been in business for over 25 years. We are experienced in manufacturing wood pallets, recycling and rebuilding pallets. Our pallets, whether it be new or used, are built solid, providing your business with all of your pallet needs. We offer all standard 40×48 GMA used or new pallets and can build any type of custom pallets your business demands. New Pallets are made from the best KDHT pine or hardwood lumber and meet all the WPM regulations set forth by the PRL,(Package Research Laboratory) ALSC, Inc.(American Lumber Standard Committee) and the IPPC. Heat Treated pallets meet ISPM 15 guidelines and are regulated by the IPPC We are a certifed Heat Treatment facility with a heat treatment chamber. Machine built, our pallets will always have uniformity and high quality. Bark free lumber Kiln dried heat treated. Recycled Pallets are repaired and ready for our customers at cost effective prices. Larger quantity quotes available. We have recycled #1 and #2 pallets in stock that can provide your business with your pallet needs. Custom Pallets available to any specifications. We purchase broken 40″x48″ 4 way pallets. If you have any questions concerning sizes, deliveries, pick-ups or prices, our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to help find the best solutions for your business. Our Heat Treatment chamber is available for other pallet companies for use

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